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Energy & Utilities

New technologies empower energy and utility leadersEnergy and utility companies face a level of disruption not seen in decades. New, cash-rich competitors are disrupting the market. Renewables prices continue to ratchet downward. New energy-storage technologies are rapidly becoming industrialized. Meanwhile, technology – and opportunity – are moving to the edge. Just consider:Edge computing is placing capture and analysis of data wherever it’s generated – by customers on mobile devices, by IoT sensors in electric vehicles, by machine-to-machine connections in smart buildings.

Manufacturing & Industrial Products

In a market characterized by globalization, competition and consolidation, we’re uniquely positioned to help manufacturers innovate and stay competitive.


In the new Open Banking world, as customer expectations get defined by standards driven by agile digital firms, traditional banking rules and value propositions no longer apply. Banks recognize that the status quo is no longer sustainable. To grow and protect their position, banks and capital market firms need to evolve and reimagine their business and their client engagement.