Cloud-Native Applications (PaaS)

Transforming your capability to develop software by leveraging micro-service architecture, agile and Business Driven Development (BDD), DevOps, containerization, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

A Code for Disruption

The rapid pace of business today demands enterprises to be highly agile, flexible and scalable. To stay ahead, enterprises need IT that is fast, adaptive, continuously deployed and loosely coupled. One way of achieving this is with resilient, scalable cloud-native applications built, deployed and hosted in the cloud with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Typically, complex, high-value applications that are critical to competitive advantage will benefit most by transforming to cloud-native.

Cloud-Native: A Revolution in IT

We create cloud-native applications that bring business agility. We leverage partner PaaS solutions, or design, build and manage PaaS platforms directly for customers with services that include:

  • Micro-services: Accelerating time-to-market with smaller and logical units of deployment
  • Containerization: Quickly move, enhance and scale applications with independent containers enabling modular development and deployment
  • Agile and BDD excellence: Adopting our agile framework, supporting its technical aspects and enabling agile testing
  • DevOps: Changing organizational culture, skills and approaches in a move toward end-to-end automation and continuous deployment

Proven Experience in Accelerating IT Change

Our cloud-native PaaS services help digital enterprises quickly innovate, experiment and scale to market demands. We work with leading PaaS solution providers, including both public (Microsoft Azure).

We brought together DevOps & Cloud to create an application that using Microsoft Azure. New enhancements can be deployed continually to improve the service.